See the Best Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (Prices and Where to Get Original Products)

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are more than just a mode of transportation; they are a symbol of freedom, adventure, and the open road. For decades, Harley-Davidson has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship, iconic design, and a rich heritage that resonates with riders around the world. In this article, we will explore the best Harley-Davidson motorcycles on the market today, including their prices and where to find original products. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or dreaming of your first Harley, this guide will help you navigate the world of Harley-Davidson motorcycles with confidence.

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About Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson offers a diverse range of motorcycles, each designed to cater to different riding styles and preferences. Here’s an overview of the main types:

  1. Touring Bikes:
  • Designed for long-distance rides, these bikes offer comfort and stability.
  • Features include large fuel tanks, comfortable seating, and advanced suspension systems for a smooth ride.
  • Popular models include the Road King, Street Glide, and Electra Glide.
  1. Cruiser Bikes:
  • Known for their classic styling and relaxed riding position, cruiser bikes are ideal for leisurely rides.
  • Features include low seat heights, high handlebars, and a V-twin engine for a distinctive sound.
  • Popular models include the Softail Deluxe, Fat Boy, and Sport Glide.
  1. Sportster Bikes:
  • Sportsters are known for their agility and performance, making them ideal for urban riding and shorter trips.
  • Features include a lighter frame, responsive handling, and a range of engine sizes to suit different riders.
  • Popular models include the Iron 883, Forty-Eight, and Roadster.
  1. Street Bikes:
  • Designed for urban environments, street bikes offer a combination of style and performance.
  • Features include a lightweight frame, upright riding position, and advanced technology for city riding.
  • Popular models include the Street 750 and Street Rod.
  1. Adventure Touring Bikes:
  • These bikes are designed for riders who want to explore both on and off-road.
  • Features include rugged construction, long-travel suspension, and advanced electronics for all-terrain capability.
  • Popular models include the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special.

Key Features:

  1. Iconic Design: Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their timeless design, characterized by their chrome accents, V-twin engines, and classic styling cues.
  2. Sound: The distinctive sound of a Harley-Davidson engine, often referred to as the “Harley roar,” is a key feature that sets these motorcycles apart from others.
  3. Customization: Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of customization options, allowing riders to personalize their motorcycles to suit their tastes and preferences.
  4. Heritage: With over a century of history, Harley-Davidson motorcycles carry a rich heritage and legacy, appealing to riders who appreciate tradition and craftsmanship.
  5. Community: Harley-Davidson has a strong community of riders, known as the “Harley Owners Group” (H.O.G.), offering camaraderie and support to Harley enthusiasts worldwide.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not just a mode of transportation; they are a lifestyle choice for riders who value freedom, individuality, and the thrill of the open road.

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Benefits of Owning a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Here are some benefits the Harley-Davidson motorcycles has to offer:


Harley-Davidson motorcycles are renowned for their iconic, timeless style. Their designs are deeply rooted in the brand’s rich heritage, featuring classic elements like the teardrop fuel tank, chrome finishes, and signature V-twin engine. Owning a Harley-Davidson isn’t just about having a motorcycle; it’s about owning a piece of American history and culture.


Harley-Davidson motorcycles are built to deliver a powerful and exhilarating riding experience. The V-twin engine, a hallmark of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, provides ample torque for quick acceleration and effortless cruising. Whether you’re navigating city streets or hitting the open road, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle offers a responsive and dynamic ride.


As one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Harley-Davidson has a rich heritage that is deeply ingrained in every motorcycle they produce. Owning a Harley-Davidson allows you to become part of this storied legacy, connecting you to generations of riders who have embraced the freedom of the open road on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Innovative Features:

Harley-Davidson continually innovates to enhance the riding experience. Features like the Harley-Davidson® Infotainment System, which offers touchscreen navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and voice recognition, keep riders connected and informed on the road. Other innovations, such as the Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS), enhance safety and control, making every ride more enjoyable and secure.


One of the most significant benefits of owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the ability to customize it to suit your style and preferences. Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of accessories and parts, allowing you to personalize your motorcycle to reflect your unique personality. Whether you prefer a classic, vintage look or a more modern, sleek aesthetic, there are endless customization options available for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


Owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle also means becoming part of a global community of riders who share a passion for the brand. Harley-Davidson owners often form tight-knit communities, organizing rides, events, and rallies where riders can connect, share stories, and forge lifelong friendships. The sense of camaraderie and belonging that comes with owning a Harley-Davidson is truly unparalleled.

Resale Value:

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their excellent resale value. Thanks to their reputation for quality, durability, and timeless style, Harley-Davidson motorcycles tend to hold their value well over time. This means that when you’re ready to upgrade or change your motorcycle, you can expect to get a good return on your investment.

In conclusion, owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle offers a multitude of benefits, from the iconic style and exhilarating performance to the rich heritage and innovative features. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the world of motorcycles, owning a Harley-Davidson is sure to enhance your riding experience and provide you with a sense of pride and belonging.

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Different Brands

Harley-Davidson, a renowned motorcycle manufacturer, has collaborated with several brands over the years to enhance its offerings. One notable collaboration is with Ford, resulting in the creation of the Harley-Davidson Edition trucks. These trucks feature unique design elements inspired by Harley-Davidson motorcycles, catering to enthusiasts of both brands.

When comparing Harley-Davidson motorcycles with other brands in terms of performance, style, and reputation, several key points stand out.

In terms of performance, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their distinctive V-twin engines, which deliver a unique sound and torquey power delivery. While they may not match the horsepower figures of some sport bikes, Harley-Davidson motorcycles offer a relaxed, cruising-oriented riding experience that appeals to many riders.

Style is another area where Harley-Davidson motorcycles excel. With their iconic designs and rich heritage, Harley-Davidson motorcycles stand out from the crowd. The brand offers a wide range of customization options, allowing riders to personalize their bikes to suit their tastes.

When it comes to reputation, Harley-Davidson is often seen as a symbol of American motorcycle culture. The brand has a loyal following and is known for its strong community of riders. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are also renowned for their build quality and durability, with many models retaining their value well over time.

In conclusion, Harley-Davidson motorcycles offer a unique blend of performance, style, and heritage that sets them apart from other motorcycle brands. With a focus on craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation, Harley-Davidson continues to be a leader in the motorcycle industry.

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Where to Get Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

When it comes to purchasing Harley-Davidson motorcycles and accessories, there are several reliable options available to enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the hands-on experience of shopping in-store or the convenience of online shopping, there are plenty of authorized dealerships and online retailers to choose from.

Authorized Dealerships

Harley-Davidson has a wide network of authorized dealerships around the world, making it easy for customers to find a location near them. These dealerships offer a comprehensive selection of motorcycles, parts, and accessories, as well as expert advice and customer support.

  1. Harley-Davidson Dealerships: Visit the official Harley-Davidson website to locate a dealership near you. These dealerships are authorized to sell genuine Harley-Davidson products and provide a range of services, including sales, financing, and maintenance.
  2. Authorized Resellers: Some dealerships may also authorize other retailers to sell Harley-Davidson products. Check with your local dealership to see if they have any authorized resellers in your area.

Online Retailers

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are several reputable online retailers that sell genuine Harley-Davidson products. These retailers often offer a wide selection of products and may provide shipping options for added convenience.

  1. Harley-Davidson Online Store: The official Harley-Davidson website features an online store where customers can purchase motorcycles, parts, and accessories. The website also offers a range of resources, including product information and customer reviews.
  2. Amazon: Amazon carries a variety of Harley-Davidson products, including parts, accessories, and merchandise. Customers can take advantage of Amazon’s fast shipping and easy returns policy.
  3. RevZilla: RevZilla is a popular online retailer that specializes in motorcycle gear and accessories. They offer a wide selection of Harley-Davidson products, as well as helpful customer reviews and buying guides.
  4. J&P Cycles: J&P Cycles is another well-known online retailer that sells motorcycle parts and accessories. They carry a wide range of Harley-Davidson products and offer fast shipping and easy returns.

When purchasing Harley-Davidson products, it’s important to ensure that you are buying from authorized dealerships or reputable online retailers to guarantee the authenticity of the products. By shopping at authorized locations, you can be confident that you are getting genuine Harley-Davidson products that meet the brand’s high standards for quality and performance.

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Best Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Brands to Go For

When it comes to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, several models stand out for their popularity and reputation. These models are highly recommended for various reasons, including their performance, design, and overall riding experience. Here are some of the best Harley-Davidson motorcycle brands to consider:

1. Harley-Davidson Street Glide

  • The Street Glide is a popular choice among riders looking for a comfortable touring motorcycle with a sleek design.
  • It features a powerful Milwaukee-Eight engine, providing excellent performance and smooth acceleration.
  • The Street Glide also offers advanced technology features, such as a touchscreen infotainment system and navigation.

2. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

  • The Fat Boy is known for its iconic design, featuring a large front wheel, solid disc wheels, and a muscular stance.
  • It is powered by a high-performance engine, delivering impressive power and torque for a thrilling ride.
  • The Fat Boy offers a comfortable riding position and excellent handling, making it a great choice for long rides.

3. Harley-Davidson Road King

  • The Road King is a classic touring motorcycle that combines comfort, style, and performance.
  • It features a traditional windshield, leather saddlebags, and a spacious seat for rider and passenger comfort.
  • The Road King is equipped with a powerful engine and advanced suspension system, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

4. Harley-Davidson Sportster

  • The Sportster is a versatile motorcycle that is popular among riders of all skill levels.
  • It is known for its agile handling, making it ideal for city riding and weekend trips.
  • The Sportster is available in different variants, offering a wide range of customization options to suit individual preferences.

5. Harley-Davidson Softail

  • The Softail is a popular choice for riders looking for a comfortable and stylish cruiser motorcycle.
  • It features a classic design with modern elements, such as LED lighting and digital instrumentation.
  • The Softail offers a smooth and responsive ride, thanks to its powerful engine and advanced suspension system.

These are just a few examples of the best Harley-Davidson motorcycle brands available. Each model offers a unique riding experience, so it’s essential to test ride several models to find the one that best suits your preferences and riding style.

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Reasons to Go For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

When considering a motorcycle purchase, Harley-Davidson stands out for several compelling reasons.

1. Rich Heritage:

Harley-Davidson has a storied history dating back over a century. The brand’s longevity speaks to its enduring appeal and commitment to quality.

2. Iconic Style:

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are renowned for their timeless design. The distinctive look and feel of a Harley are instantly recognizable and evoke a sense of freedom and adventure.

3. Superior Craftsmanship:

Each Harley-Davidson motorcycle is meticulously crafted to the highest standards. The attention to detail and quality of materials ensure a durable and reliable machine.

4. Unique Riding Experience:

Riding a Harley-Davidson is more than just transportation—it’s a lifestyle. The rumble of the engine, the open road ahead, and the camaraderie of fellow riders create a sense of community and belonging.

5. Customization Options:

Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to personalize your bike to reflect your individual style and preferences.

6. Resale Value:

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their strong resale value. A well-maintained Harley can retain its value better than many other brands, making it a wise investment.

7. Global Community:

Harley-Davidson has a vast and passionate community of riders around the world. Whether you’re riding solo or joining a group ride, you’ll always find fellow enthusiasts to connect with.

8. Dealer Network:

Harley-Davidson has a comprehensive dealer network, ensuring that you can easily access service, parts, and accessories wherever you are.

9. Continuous Innovation:

Despite its long history, Harley-Davidson continues to innovate, introducing new technologies and features to improve the riding experience.

10. Emotional Connection:

Owning a Harley-Davidson is not just about owning a motorcycle—it’s about embracing a lifestyle and a sense of freedom that is unique to the brand.

In conclusion, Harley-Davidson offers more than just a mode of transportation; it offers a lifestyle and a sense of identity. With its rich heritage, superior craftsmanship, and unique riding experience, Harley-Davidson remains a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Prices of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson motorcycles vary widely in price depending on several factors. Generally, new Harley-Davidson motorcycles can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $45,000 or more. Factors that can affect the price include the model year, condition, and any additional accessories or customizations.

1. Model Year:

  • Newer model years tend to be more expensive than older ones due to updates in technology and design.
  • Pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles, while more affordable, can still vary in price based on their year of manufacture.

2. Condition:

  • The condition of the motorcycle plays a significant role in its price.
  • A well-maintained, low-mileage Harley-Davidson will typically cost more than one that has been heavily used or poorly maintained.

3. Accessories and Customizations:

  • Harley-Davidson motorcycles offer a wide range of accessories and customizations that can increase the price.
  • Popular additions include upgraded exhaust systems, custom paint jobs, and performance enhancements.

4. Special Editions and Limited Releases:

  • Special edition Harley-Davidson motorcycles, such as anniversary editions or models with unique features, can be priced higher due to their exclusivity.

5. Market Demand:

  • Prices can also be influenced by market demand.
  • Popular models or those in limited supply may command higher prices than less sought-after models.

6. Dealer Pricing:

  • Dealerships may offer promotions, discounts, or financing options that can affect the overall price of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

7. Geographic Location:

  • Prices can vary based on geographic location due to factors such as taxes, shipping costs, and regional market conditions.

8. Additional Costs:

  • It’s important to consider additional costs such as insurance, registration, and maintenance when budgeting for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

By considering these factors, prospective buyers can better understand the price range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and make an informed decision based on their budget and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Here are some FAQs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles:

What is the average cost of a Harley motorcycle?

The average cost of a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle can range from $7,000 to $45,000, depending on the model and features. Used Harley-Davidson motorcycles can be found for as low as $3,000, but prices vary based on factors such as age, mileage, and condition.

What is the Harley-Davidson price?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles vary widely in price based on the model and features. Prices for new Harley-Davidson motorcycles typically start at around $7,000 and can go up to $45,000 or more for high-end models with custom features.

Which is the expensive Harley-Davidson model?

The most expensive Harley-Davidson model is the CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) line, which features premium finishes, custom paint schemes, and high-performance upgrades. These models can cost upwards of $40,000 or more, depending on the specific model and customizations.

What company owns Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

Harley-Davidson is an independent motorcycle manufacturer and is not owned by any other company. The company was founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has remained a family-owned business for most of its history.

Which country made Harley-Davidson?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made in the United States. The company’s headquarters and main manufacturing facilities are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it was founded over a century ago. Harley-Davidson also has manufacturing plants in other parts of the United States, as well as in other countries around the world.


In conclusion, Harley-Davidson motorcycles stand out for their iconic style, rich heritage, and impressive performance. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycles, owning a Harley-Davidson is more than just owning a bike—it’s joining a community, embracing a lifestyle, and experiencing the freedom of the open road like never before.

To explore the range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and accessories, visit their official website at Discover why Harley-Davidson continues to be a symbol of American craftsmanship and a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

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